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How to Apply Lip Stain Correctly


Sometimes when I am running out the door for a long day of meetings and lunches, I want to apply a lip color that I know will last. While lipsticks, lip balms, lip conditioners and lip gloss all do wonderful things for a soft and shiny look, lip stain can really be a lifesaver. Lip stain is low maintenance, looks great and lasts all day. And, if you know how to apply lip stain correctly, you’ll probably never go back!



Lip stains work great as a base of color and can easily be applied before a lipstick or gloss. By applying lip stain to your lips first, it’s like using a primer, for your lips! The color will stay all day. Follow your lip stain application with a swipe of lipstick or your favorite gloss to add a little shine. If you are looking for a long lasting option with a matte finish, apply lip stain followed by a swipe of lip balm, for added moisture.

Did you know lip stain is actually made of dye, not wax like traditional lipstick? If you know how to apply lip stain correctly, you can even use it on your cheeks! Just apply to the apples of your cheeks, top it off with a little powder blush and you will stay rosy all day.

Do you love lip stain as much as I do? Which lip stain is your favorite?

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