Last-Minute Halloween Makeup Tips & Ideas

Halloween is one of the best makeup holidays of the year. If you have not yet decided what you plan on dressing up as check out these makeup tips and ideas for a little Halloween makeup inspiration.

Get Tips From the Pros

If you’re looking to nail down the basics like the pros, check out this live session hosted by Motives Beauty Advisors, Renee Wadsworth and Ka Xiong where they shared their top tips for applying special effects makeup.

If you’re going for an opaque base, Ka suggested you use a brush instead of a sponge to apply your face paint. This will give you much more pigmentation and create an even base. Renee taught us that we most likely already have everything we need at home, so be resourceful! Renee used the Motives Liquid Lip Glaze in Candy Apple to add dimension to her stitches look. If you tuned in, you saw this instantly took it to a whole new level.

Many of you also asked how you can avoid breakouts after all this makeup? Renee chimed in that she never worries because she uses 100% Motives Cosmetics products for all her looks. You must use high-quality products even for fun looks like these. Skip the cheap Halloween store “makeup” and connect with a Motives Beauty Advisor near you to invest in makeup your skin can feel good about. You can email to get paired with the one nearest you today.

Click here to watch the full video.

Have Fun with Eyeliner

Don’t have a physical costume? There’s so much you can achieve with a little creativity and a great eyeliner. Here’s a spooky webbed liner tutorial for you o try!

  1. Using the THALIA x Motives® Besos Palette, begin by blending “Wink 2 & Wink 8” slightly above the crease
  2. Taking the Nirvana Metallic Shadow Apply to the lid
  3. On a flat brush pat “Wink 6” shadow overtop the Liquid Metal Eye Shadow
  4. Using “Wink 1” shadow apply in the crease and blend
  5. Using “Precisely The Point Eye Line” draw on lines starting from the crease and going upward toward the brow
  6. With the same liner connect the lines in swoop motions creating the Spider Web

Inspiration from our Motives Beauty Advisors

Every year our Beauty Advisors impress us with their jaw-dropping Halloween makeup looks and this year is no exception! If you still need some costume inspiration for Halloween these makeup looks might spark some ideas. 

Add a Little Mystery to Your Weekend 

Overflowing with an assortment of palettes, eye shadows, blushes, lip products, and accessories, the Motives Beauty Mystery Bags are sure to bolster your cosmetic collection. With product values up to $140.00 for the five-count bag and up to $285.00 for the 10-count bag, it’s no secret that these won’t last long. Treat yourself.

I am so excited to see your looks! Sending you lots of love for a happy and safe Halloween.



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