Why Keywords Are Still Vital When Doing SEO

Keywords have played a significant role in SEO ever since it replaced metadata as the tag used by search engines to crawl through web pages. Today, it still remains as the linchpin that links quality content to people searching for it. 

If you aim to provide quality Grand Rapids SEO services, then you need to be aware of this fact. Also, you need to know the other reasons why keywords are still important when doing SEO.

Top Reasons to Get the Right Keywords

To Identify With Your Target Audience

Keywords or phrases help you better relate with your target audience, as it essentially allows you to speak their language. If there’s one thing more important than keywords, it’s your target audience. By using the right set of words and phrases, you’ll be able to reach out to them more effectively. This will ultimately give your website and brand traction, allowing it to improve its standing on search engines.

To Create the Appropriate Content

People use keywords when making queries not only so they can buy stuff, but also to find content they’re interested in. By doing your keyword research before writing, you’ll be able to craft articles that can spark your audience’s interest. Just make sure the content you create is fun, interesting, and (above all) relevant.

To Bring Your Content to the Right People

Additionally, using the right keywords helps you bring your content to the people who need it. This allows you to promote your brand more effectively, as well as make people more aware of the products and services you offer. 

To Allow Google to Index Your Site

More importantly, keywords will enable Google to crawl through your web pages faster, as well as index it more accurately. As you may already know, search engines rely on keywords when categorizing websites. By using the proper words and phrases, you can rest assured that your site is indexed correctly.

To Improve Your Search Engine Rankings

With Google and search engines smoothly crawling through your web pages and indexing them accordingly, your site will subsequently enjoy higher rankings moving forward. Through targeting the most appropriate keywords, you can improve your rankings even further! To find the best keywords for your site, you can rely on tools like Ahrefs, LSI, and more.

To Increase Your Site’s Traffic

Combined, the benefits above will lead to more people visiting your website. Like it or not, people tend to click on the websites that appear on the first results page when making queries. They will then focus on the website that offers quality content (i.e., articles they want to read about). All that is only made possible through proper keyword usage.

To Boost Your Conversion Rates

Simultaneously, the benefits above will help you increase your site’s conversion rates. By making you easily searchable through Google and other engines, as well as by improving the quality of your content, keywords will enable you to boost your sales and profits.

Tips to Find the Right Keywords

Now that you’ve learned why keywords are so important for SEO, time to check out some of the tips that will help you find the best ones for your website.

Think Like Your Audience

You’ll encounter many more keyword hunting tips aside from the ones on this list in the future. However, all of them have two things in common. First, they all aim to think like a customer. You need to do the same while coming up with your keywords. Putting yourself in your target audience’s shoes will help you find the right words and phrases to use, thereby enabling you to use the best ones for your site.

Analyze Search Intent

The second thing all keyword finding tips have in common is their aim to analyze search intent. In case you don’t know, there are three types of queries: navigational, commercial, and informational. You need to adjust your keyword research depending on the kind of queries your site receives. Otherwise, you won’t be able to grab your target audience’s attention properly.

Know the Different Types of Keywords

Additionally, keep in mind that there are also three different types of keywords: Head Keywords, Body Keywords, and Long Tail Keywords. The content you make must contain a combination of these keywords if you want them properly optimized in search engines. However, to increase your rankings, you need to rely more on Long Tail keywords since it produces more specific search results (not to mention more people are now using them in queries).

Study Your Competition

You should also analyze your competition’s websites as well. Enter their URL in tools like Ahrefs to find out their domain ratings, their traffic, their referring domains, and the keywords they use. Read the content published on their pages and see if they’re using keywords you can adopt. Doing these things will help you broaden your list of ideas, and it will enable you to address any growth areas in your own site that you might have overlooked.

Get Keyword Planner Tools

Another way to improve your keyword research is by investing in a couple of good keyword planning tools. The most notable among these is Ahrefs, since its Keyword Explorer can help you get not only the best keywords, but also their profiles. Aside from Ahrefs, you can use SEMrush, LSI, KWFinder, and more.

Monitor the Results

Lastly, you should constantly monitor how well your chosen keywords perform. Replace those that are no longer serving its purpose. Whenever you can, try introducing new words or phrases, especially trendy ones. That way, your site will stay relevant, and it will be able to keep attracting new people.

Keywords Are Still Important

As you can see, keywords are still a crucial element of SEO. Not only will it help you attract more people to your brand, but it will also enable Google to index your website more precisely, increasing your rankings in the process. So whether you’re kick-starting a new blog or improving your current content strategy, best make sure you rely on good quality keywords.



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