3 Valentine’s Day Makeup Looks You’ll Love

Whether it’s for date-night or Valentine’s Day, here are 3 makeup looks you can wear to celebrate.

Pink Flair

Don’t be afraid of a little color. This pink look screams Valentine’s Day!

Products: Motives La La STATIC Palette, Motives Khol Eyeliner in “Onyx” and Motives Super Power Mattes Palette
  1. Begin by blending “Fever” onto the outer corner of the eye and sweep the color into the crease and slightly above (almost meeting the start of the brow).
  2. Pat “Extravaganza” onto the outer part of the lid followed by “Hard Wired” onto the inner portion of the lid for a softer transition of color 
  3. Line the eyes with “Onyx” Khol Eyeliner and blend out with the shade “Fever”
  4. Highlight the inner corner of the eye with “Fly” (From the Super Power Mattes Palette)

Golden Gal

Going glam? Try this golden winged eye look.

Products: Motives Goal Digger Palette, Precisley the Point Eye Line and Motives Khol Eyeliner in “Earth”
  1. Begin by smudging the Khol Eyeliner in “Earth” on to the lid and blend 
  2. Pat “Slay” onto the inner & outer corners of the lid and “Winning” on to the center of the lid 
  3. Line the eyes using “Precisely The Point Eye Line
  4. Apply a bit of “Winning” to the inner corner of the eye for highlight 

Toasty Warm Neutrals

Sometimes we just want to stick to the classic neutral shades. This toasty warm soft glam will still give you that romantic feel.

Boss Babe Palette & Super Power Mattes Palette
  1. Begin by applying “Grit” on to the outer corner of the eye and into the crease (Super Power Mattes Palette)
  2. Darken the outer corner slightly by using the shade“Spirit” (Super Power Mattes Palette)
  3. Apply “Superior” (Boss Babe Palette) onto the mobile lid
  4. Blend “Grit” (Boss Babe Palette) onto the lower lash line and apply “Confident” to highlight the inner corner of the eye

Want to get the look? Explore the incredible products used to create these beautiful looks here.



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