5 Selfie-Ready Beauty Tips for NYE

Brandon Liberati's Holiday Beauty Tips

Putting on your best face really only takes a few basic tricks. And today, I’m excited to share beauty expert & celebrity stylist Brandon Liberati’s tips for staying beautiful this season. There may only be a few days left in the year, but I’m willing to bet they’ll be filled with celebrations of all kinds. With that in mind, I know you’ll want to stay camera-ready (or selfie-ready for sure!) and looking your best as you ring in 2015. Read on for some helpful tips you can use to wrap up 2014 in style!

Brandon Liberati's Holiday Beauty Tips

Brandon Liberati’s 5 #SELFIE Holiday Beauty Tips

Tis the snapshot season to be camera-ready, so make sure the selfies you give your friends are the most fa-la-la- la-fabulous they’ve opened this holiday by following these few tips!!

  1. Oily Skin No More!  If a greasy guise is your demise then you should be making your own oil absorbing blotting papers! These are a useful beauty product that can keep you looking polished and shine free all day long by removing excess oil from your face. Women can use these without ruining or removing their makeup. A few sheets of rice paper (for a less natural option you can use gift wrapping tissue paper) and a pair of scissors. Trace the interior of the case and cut the paper to fit. For those of you that require a bit more oil control you can sprinkle corn powder between the sheets. This is the only time a lack luster look is not a problem.
  2. Highlight Those Cheeks Young Lady!  Don’t mistake bad oily shine for a great highlighter. Go for a beautiful shimmer on the features that look amazing highlighted in pictures like your cheekbones, temples, and right under your brows or the center of your lips. This will define the structure of you r face and accent some of the strongest feature of the face.
  3. Mastering a signature Holiday Bold Lip: The holidays call for the bright and bold lips that scream, “I’m ready to celebrate!” to master this look, First apply a lip plumper. Then, apply a lip liner outside the natural lip line to accentuate the natural curves of your lip. Lip color is essential for your selfie swak! Choose a highly pigmented color. It will hide any imperfections on or around the lips by drawing attention to the color. Choose one of the hottest holiday reds, like Diorific Lipstick in Passion Shock or be ahead of the trend with the hot color for spring like Heroin by MAC. You can use a high gloss shimmer on the center of the lips to create an effortless pout.”
  4. Touch ups are crucial: Do a quick 10 second touch up if necessary. If you find your skin oily right before your photo, a ready-to-apply travel translucent powder is a great a quick fix.
  5. Practice Makes PERFECT: “Speaking” of lips, save some time and practice your best selfie kiss-face pucker BEFORE you take any photos! Choose your “best” filter and save it as a favorite! We all have one that we look “likeable” in. One that really works with your coloring and skin tone.
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