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3 Quick Ways to Wake up to Hydrated Skin

hydrated skin

The harsh winter elements this time of year can strip our skin of its essential oils leaving it stressed out and dehydrated. Read on for a few tricks to wake up to happy and hydrated skin.

3 Quick Ways to Wake up to Hydrated Skin
1. Hydration is a must!

We hear it time and time again, but we really do have to hydrate; water is our skin's BFF when it comes to achieving younger, plumper skin. If you're not a water fan, try adding cucumber or lemon for taste while turning up your hydration and detoxification levels.

2. Add oil or serum to your skincare routine.

Oils and serums are skincare superheroes capable of penetrating the upper layers of skin to deliver deep hydration.

3. Incorporate weekly face masks.

Make time for a weekly face mask to soothe and intensely moisturize skin. I love the Lumière de Vie® Moisture Intense Sheet Masque for instantly noticeable results.

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