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10 Signs You May Have Bipolar Disorder


It makes me so sad that so many celebrities and young people took their lives before we started breaking the mental health taboo. Did you know that more than 5 million Americans are living with bipolar disorder? According to experts, symptoms typically appear in late teens or early adult years. For unknown reasons, women are more likely to receive bipolar diagnoses than men. Read on for classic warning signs you may have bipolar disorder. It's always a good idea to talk through any health concerns you have with your doctor. Nothing is more important than life, health, and happiness.

1. Mania can cause excessive happiness "highs" that continue for days.

2. Highs lead to a decreased need for sleep.

3. Racing thoughts, rapid speech, restlessness, and feeling distracted.

4. Overconfidence in your abilities and engaging in risky behavior like massive spending sprees or gambling are also characteristic symptoms.

5. The classic depression symptoms of bipolar disorder include "lows" for long periods.

6. Withdrawing yourself from society.

7. Suicidal thoughts.

8. Changes in appetite.

9. A total lack of energy.

10. Difficulty concentrating, even on basic tasks.

Medical professionals suggest that to be diagnosed as Bipolar I, a sufferer must experience extreme highs or a minimum of a week at a time. Bipolar II is believed to be a more common type, characterized by less manic symptoms. Bipolar II, however, includes depression.

If you're worried about yourself or a family member, please reach out to a health professional who can help you. Our health is so important. We have to look out for each other more now than ever with our increasingly stressful lifestyles.