The Most Effective Digital Marketing Trends 2020

It’s time to accept the fact that your brand has to have an online presence if you want to survive in the business world. Read on to discover the digital marketing trends 2020 has on offer that you need to get on board with if you want to stay ahead of the game this year.

1. Video is King

Get to know your brand identity and your target audience, as well as you know your best friends. Test what type of video content works best with your audience in terms of reach and engagement. Humorous content is more likely to go viral if your content resonates with your fans.

2. Influencer Marketing Continues to Rule

Love it or hate it; there is no denying influencer marketing is one of the most cost and time-efficient digital marketing techniques of all time. Choose influencers who reflect your brand values and mission, and you can tap into an instant pool of engaged followers who already trust the brands they promote.

3. Get Interactive

AR, VR, Shoppable posts, AI, polls, and quizzes, and Instagram Stories are all innovative ways to engage with your consumers.

Which digital marketing trends 2020 are making it onto your marketing strategy this year? Connect with me on Instagram.



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