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Wake Up Happier with These Easy Tips

Wake Up Happier with These Easy Tips

Ever wake up on the wrong side of the bed? Listen, it happens to everyone. Sometimes you wake up, and you feel off. Maybe it’s yesterday’s negative energy, or maybe you’re just feeling down and unexcited about life. Either way, it’s time to change that up. You deserve to feel happy about life—even when that alarm goes off at 6 AM. Read on for ways to wake up happier in the morning.

Wake Up Happier with These Easy Tips

Prepare for Your Day Ahead of Time- Give yourself an hour before bedtime to clean your space. Waking up to a clean space can change your perspective—especially if you work from home. Aside from making sure your space is ready for the next day, make sure you are, as well. Pick out your outfit or book that workout class a day ahead. Once your day is planned out you won’t be rushing out the door the next morning. Trust me, you’ll wake up with fewer worries.

Go to Sleep Feeling Grateful- I love this idea! As you’re falling asleep, name all the things you’re grateful for. What you appreciate, appreciates so you’ll bring that energy into your dreams and the next morning. This is an amazing technique to help you keep your vibes high—even as you sleep.

Stretch When You Wake Up– When you wake up, give yourself a good stretch. Doing this helps get the blood flowing throughout the body. You can even do it while you’re still under the covers. A good stretch releases endorphins so you’ll feel less stressed and view your day in a positive attitude.

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