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How can we love ourselves if we’re always trying to be
better? Do self-love and self-improvement exist exclusively from one another?

Well, I believe that you there’s a difference between
wanting to be better and consistently disapproving one oneself. It’s all in the
way you present it. For example: “I’m such a loser for not waking up in time
for going to gym. Or I said the wrong thing to that guy, so he’ll never call me
back.” Is this how you’re talking to yourself?This is not you thinking you should be better. This is you
being disapproving. Can you love yourself for these things, instead?

If your best friend had these faults, would you criticize
her or call her a loser? No, you would come to the situation with compassion,
and you would encourage her to try her best. Why don’t we ever treat ourselves
like we would treat our best friends? I’m not entirely sure, but maybe
somewhere along the way we forgot that we are perfect in this exact moment.
This is us. This is our reality. We can aim to try our best, but we must love
ourselves right now and with all our faults.

We don’t have to fight to get the best results. After all, fighting is resisting. It makes more sense to love and accept. Practice accepting yourself for who you are. Take yourself
on a date every once in a while. Throw yourself an “I’m awesome party.”
Celebrate yourself for the good and the bad. Any good relationship starts with
unconditional love. Go ahead, and rekindle that flame.





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