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Revolutionize Your Manifesting Skills in 2019

Revolutionize Your Manifesting Skills in 2019, 2019, loren, loren ridinger, new year, tricks for the new year, 2019 tips

2019 is all about building your goals and dreams—a big part of that is visualizing and manifesting. Learning to control the power of thoughts will change the way you think and live. It’s all about harnessing that power and using it toward your goals. So how will you elevate your manifesting skills this 2019? I’ve got the one trick that’ll leave you ready to take on 2019 with all you’ve got. It has a lot to do with visualizing, but it’s so much more. Focus on feeling good right now and then read on for my revolutionary manifesting tip below!

Revolutionize Your Manifesting Skills in 2019

So you’re working on your goals and dreams but nothing’s really panning out? You’re trying so hard, but nothing has come to fruition yet. Here’s the trick: write it out as if it’s already happened. Instead of writing “I want a house,” write out “I already have a house,” or “I bought a house.” Working on your goals as though they’ve already happened sends a message to the universe that you already have what you want so according to the Law of Attraction, the universe or God source has to act at the vibration you’re at.

That’s why it’s important to feel good while you’re working on your goals. The universe responds to vibrations and good-feeling thoughts. That’s why positivity is so important. Act as though you already have what you want and the universe will respond. Work hard and get clear on what your goals are, write them down as though they’ve already happened. You’ve got this.


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