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How to Look Your Fears in the Eye and Own Them


I speak a lot about the importance of facing your fears in my speeches at the Market America winter and international conventions. When I was younger, I was terrified of a neighbor's dog. I'd avoid walking near the dog. One day I plucked up the courage to walk past the dog and discovered that the dog had no teeth. So many people won't start their own businesses or chase their dreams because of concerns of failure. The only way out is through. Here's how to look your fears in the eye and own them!

How to Look Your Fears in the Eye and Own Them

Avoiding situations or objects that stimulate your fear reflexes prevents your nervous system from adjusting to your phobias, meaning your fear increases into monster form.

Exposure is key!

Confronting your anxieties repeatedly helps decrease anxiety, and allows you to develop your coping skills and confidence. Whatever you're most scared of, look it straight in the eye, take a deep breath and confront it! Life is too short!

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