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Relationship Reflections: Small Changes That Go the Distance


There’s no doubt that as time goes by life and outside influences can take a toll on a relationship. From silly arguments to unresolvable disagreements, couples endure a lot. But many couples withstand. Some require a lot of work, while some are able to let love carry them through. Every once in a while it’s a good idea to take a moment and reflect on your relationship. Am I happy and content? Do I love my partner unconditionally? And, most of all – are there things I could do differently as a partner and a friend? Here’s a look at the things every couple can change and improve to ensure love gets to the forefront, everyday.



Relationship Reflections: Small Changes That Go the Distance

  •  Being too stubborn to compromise. Give and take is a huge part of building a relationship that can go the distance.
  • Being present. Brushing off your spouse or not giving your full attention day after day can become hurtful and will often lead to resentfulness. Focus on your presence and give your listening skills a refresh every once in a while.
  • Getting even rather than forgiving. Arguments are going to happen – you’re only human – but forgiveness is key to moving forward.
  • Forgetting the compliments. Just because you’re super comfortable with each other doesn’t mean you don’t want to be told how wonderful you are or that you’re pretty or handsome. Take some time every day to let your partner know just how great you think he or she is.

How to you make sure your taking the right steps in your relationship?




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