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Empowering Women is My Why

It was an honor speaking to Kaitlyn Frey, People’s Style & Beauty Assistant on my new palettes. La La and I got to open up and about female empowerment. Conversations like this one are what it’s all about. La La and I aren’t afraid to have real conversations like this one which is why we work so well together as business partners for Motives® and Motives® for La La.

Empowering Women is My Why

I believe that empowerment is all about encouragement. When some of my girlfriends came out with beauty lines, I was excited to support them!

“We are big supporters of Kim, and Jennifer Lopez has been my best friend for a long time and she launched a makeup line. We are all supportive of each other and encouraging each other in so many ways. We never see it as like, “Oh my god, my girlfriend came out with a cosmetic line. I can’t believe she did that to me.” We’re the total opposite of that.” – via People

When I created my three new palettes Boss Babe, Jet Setter, and Goal Digger, I wanted to encourage women of all skin types to be their best, most beautiful selves. I especially wanted the women who wear my makeup to be encouraged to be themselves. Play with makeup, own your uniqueness—that’s what empowerment is all about. Empowering women is my why! It gets me up in the morning! It inspired me to create these amazing palettes.

Being a Boss Babe is all about knowing what you want. Having the confidence to speak your mind, while being comfortable in your own skin.

Motives® Boss Babe Palette, Motives® Cosmetics, $49.95

The Jet Setter is taking over the world. Her entrepreneurial spirit is strong and she sees way beyond the box taking her to places far and beyond. She’s a world-class superstar.

Motives® Jet Setter Palette, Motives® Cosmetics, $49.95

The Goal Digger makes money moves a la Cardi B. Everything she does is for her why. She’s unafraid to say no to things that aren’t meant for her and works toward what is! It’s all about those goals, baby!

Motives® Goal Digger Palette, Motives® Cosmetics, $49.95


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