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People Magazine Talk to Loren and La La About Newest Palette

It’s moments like these that remind me what it’s all about. La La joined Motives® because she understood the mission. We want women to feel good in their own skin. At the same time, we wanted to create an economy for women. Now, all our hard work is coming to a head. People Magazine talked to La La and me about Motives® and our newest line of palettes, which include Goal Digger, Boss Babe, and Jet Setter, along with the Motives® for La La palette, Static. This ten shade eyeshadow palette includes shades handpicked by La La so you know it’s about to bring your look the static shock you’ve been wanting!

For the entire interview, click here. Aside from the new palettes, we talked about business, female empowerment, and more! Read on for a snippet from our interview with People!

“What was your approach to developing shades that would work on all women?

Loren: We really wanted to make sure every color could be used by everyone. Not like buying a palette only because of two shades that have good color payoff and the rest aren’t good. I think La La’s diversity with interacting with so many different women helped her with picking the best colors for women. She’s so involved.

La La: I think people can read authenticity and they know when you’re involved and when you’re just slapping your name on something. So if I am sending this palette to friends or if I am selling this palette, I really want women to feel confident about me. It’s something that I want to use and something that I want everyone to know I took my time in creating and picking the colors.”

I love having La La as a business partner. She’s incredibly intelligent and knows what women want. Thanks for being an integeral part of the team, La La!

Shop La La’s Static palette here:

Motives® for La La Static Palette

If you’re a beauty advisor, be sure to share this post! Let people know that the Static Palette is here!



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