Dating Advice: The Red Flags You Need to Look Out For

Are you actively dating? If you are, then this post is a must-read! We seem to wear blinders when we’re dating and we meet someone special. It’s time to take those blinders OFF. See the red flags before it’s too late. Read on for more!

He Tells You Your Perfect- Sure, it’s flattering at first—irresistible even. But it could be a sign of something questionable. You want your partner to see you for who you are—not some idea of you. Infatuation is great, but obsession is creepy!

He Talks About Himself- If you’re on your first date and he seems great but he just doesn’t shut up himself—that’s a problem. In the long run, his interest in himself might outweigh his interest in you.

He’s Late And Doesn’t Warn You- He shows up late without a care in the world. No phone call or email to tell you he’s about to leave you hanging. This might be a sign that he doesn’t respect your time. I mean, to me, time is everything! Is your time important to you? Then this may be a serious red flag.

He Over Compliment You- Listen, a little flattery never hurts. Who doesn’t want to feel special! But when you feel like it’s a little too much and you’re feeling uncomfortable by their advances, something may be up. Flattery is great, but obsession is creepy.

He Bring Up their Ex- Learning about each other’s pasts is normal and healthy, but if he’s bringing up his ex-girlfriend constantly is a little strange. Could mean he’s still hung up on his past relationship. If he talks about his exes in a hateful or rude way, there could be something deeper there. It takes two to tango! The blame can’t be all on the other person.

They’re Already Jealous- You’ve only been on a few dates with this guy and he’s already asking you who you’re texting every time your phone goes off. What’s the deal? Could be a sign of worse things to come along the way.



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