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7 Admirable Facts About Serena Williams

Sunday night’s US Open win for Serena Williams exemplified what having a positive disposition can do for someone even if the situation seems a bit unfavorable. As you might recall, back in June, Serena struggled at Wimbledon with a third round loss, making it a disappointing situation for someone who is so often on the winning side. But she regrouped and trained. And the results are nothing less than historic. If you’re wondering what makes Serena so incredibly remarkable, here are but 7 reasons. Read ahead for a list of inspiring facts about the relentless tennis star.


7 Admirable Facts About Serena Williams

1) Serena is ranked No. 1 in women’s singles tennis.

2) She has faced off against her sister, Venus Williams, also a champion tennis player, 25 times, beating her 14 times.

3) Serena Williams made history at the 2014 US Open Championship by becoming the first woman to win three championship titles in a row.

4) Because of her 18th Grand Slam title, Serena Williams is now the greatest American tennis player ever (male or female!).

5) Serena’s win at the 2014 US Open came just weeks before her 33rd birthday, making her the oldest major champion since Martina Navratilova at Wimbledon in 1990.

6) Serena and sister Venus have won 13 Grand Slam double titles and are unbeaten in Grand Slam finals.

7) Serena is the only female player to have won over $50 million in prize money.

Serena Williams Wins US Open 2014



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