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4 Signs You’re In the Wrong Job

5 Things to Do Before Quitting a Job You Hate | Loren's World

There’s something to be said about gut instincts. And, when it comes to careers, many people know exactly when they’re in the wrong job. It could be the people, the subject matter, the tasks at hand or even the company culture – when it doesn’t fit you’ll know it. But then sometimes there are those fuzzy moments – you’re thinking you just need to give it a chance.

Maybe your boss will come around or perhaps that next promotion is absolutely worth waiting for. There are countless variables to consider, but figuring it out is half the battle. If you’re on the fence and just aren’t sure what move to make next, here are four signs you’re in the wrong job.

4 Signs You're In the Wrong Job | Loren's World

Four Signs You’re in the Wrong Job

#1. You’re doing work that’s difficult to the point of struggle. No one’s job should be so easy that you are consistently bored – having a bit of a challenge is a great way to stay motivated and keep on top of making yourself a better employee. But, when the tasks at hand are so difficult that you’re struggling to get them done – there’s an issue. Let’s say you’re trying your hand at being part of a landscaping crew this summer, but you have a back injury that prevents you from lifting more than ten pounds. A huge part of the job is shoveling mulch and dirt from a truck into a wheelbarrow and then moving it to the gardens. If you’re trying to shovel and wheel less than ten pounds each trip….it will take you days to get the job done. This one is probably not for you.

#2. The feedback that comes from your fellow team members and superiors is consistently sub-par. That’s going to bother you after a while and really start to bring you down. When you aren’t performing at your top level, showcasing all of your awesome capabilities as an employee – people are going to notice and you’re going to feel the heat. If you can’t easily step up your game or worse, you don’t want to even try stepping up your game, you know it’s time to move on to greener pastures.

#3. When the only driving force you have is your salary. Something has to give, right? You can’t only be in something for the money, there’s got to be something that peeks your interest. Whether it’s the team and the people you get to spend your days with or the projects you get to be a part of – you have to enjoy some part of the process and if you don’t – you’re definitely in the wrong job and it’s time to start thinking about what else is out there. Loving what you do is actually a bonus, bringing fulfillment and drive to your life and without that – times are going to get tough.

#4. You’re absolutely miserable interacting with your supervisor or the team. This one is a given – you spend 40 hours (and often more) at your place of business and that means 40 hours per week with the people on your team. That’s a lot of time. A lot of your life. Why surround yourself with people who make you feel like the odd one out or like you can’t be yourself? Unfortunately, some companies have terrible team morale and the company culture is one of unhappiness – that’s not something you should put yourself through either. Turns out there are loads of opportunities out there – you just have to find the one that fits you just right.

Five Questions to Ask Yourself About Your Job | Loren's World

Have you been on the fence when it comes to knowing if your job is the right one for you? Just ask yourself these five questions:

Does the work have just the right amount of challenge?

Do your team members appreciate your contribution and skills you bring to the table?

Are you in it for more than the money?

Do you like spending time with your team and supervisors?

Are you happy and excited when you get up to head into work each day?

Those questions and your answers will easily lead you down a path to your professional next steps.



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