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La La Anthony: Be Powerful with Motives®

La La Anthony: Be Powerful With Motives

I love watching my sis La La speak. When she took the stage at MAIC 2016 to talk about how to be powerful with Motives, I know there were thousands of women taking note. Because La La is a self-made woman who believes in empowering others. She is all about helping others achieve their dreams because she knows what it feels like to work hard for herself. Very few people will tell you how it is. But La La is the kind of woman who is ready to impart wisdom from personal experience. Just ahead, I’m happy to share some of my friend’s great quotes from her presentation at our International Convention. I hope it inspires you to take the reigns in your life.

La La Anthony: Be Powerful with Motives | Loren's World

La La Anthony: Be Powerful with Motives®

“My presentation is about power and pushing forward.”

“Keep pushing forward no matter what.”

“For others to know your value, you first have to know your worth.”

“Don’t settle until you reach that goal.”

“What’s holding you back? Is it fear?”

“Move quietly and put the plan together.”

“Have you found your why? No one is you and that is your power. What is different about you that will get people to listen to you?”

“Be your own model. I know I can convince people of my makeup line because I use it. I’m my own model.”

“Use the magazines and press about Motives to show people how much we’ve grown. We just continue to do amazing things.”

“If you look good, you feel good and you’ll walk and carry yourself differently.”

“Use your tools. Social media is the key. I use Instagram to show when I’m wearing Motives.”

“We are all powerful in this room. Together we are unstoppable.  Let Motives empower you. I’ve seen it happen. It’s really powerful. We are here to motivate people. It’s all in the name.”

“We are just getting started. Thank you for welcoming me into your family.”

La La Motives Backstage photo_2016-08-04_14-41-13

To watch the full presentation, watch this video:


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