3 Things Successful Women Do to Make Their Year Great

The beginning of a New Year is such an excellent opportunity to start afresh and give yourself the chance to clear the clutter of your mind – so why not make that a priority for 2017? If you think about successful women out there (and, there are SO many!), they all seem to have a few things in common. From goal planning to figuring out how to best maintain a solid work-life balance, let’s explore three things that successful women do to start each New Year off on the perfect foot.

With my sis La La, one of the most motivated people I know.
3 Things Successful Women Do at the Beginning of the Year

#1. Set some lofty goals and then figure out how to make smaller, manageable tasks that will help you get there. Goal setting is one of the best ways to ensure your future is on the right path. Without goals, there’s not much to strive for – and, that’s what we’re after, right? When you know what your goals are, you can set the tone for a full year of success – and, figure out exactly how to get there. Think of it this way: if you have an annual goal of getting a promotion from Manager to Director, there are some particular steps you’re going to need to take in order to make that happen. So, let’s break it down: can you complete certain projects or achieve particular sales goals that will help you make the move in the direction of a promotion? Write down each annual goal and the ten small steps it will take to achieve each larger goal.

#2. Create a daily, weekly and monthly schedule. This is so important when it comes to achieving goals because having the time to achieve each task on your list is absolutely essential. What if your big goal is about getting healthy, losing some weight and completing a marathon before the end of the year? You’re definitely going to have to set some smaller goals in order to get there and you’re going to need to make the time to do it. We’re all busy and between work, relationships, family and goals – there’s a lot to do. Working on your schedule will help ensure that you’re able to squeeze in everything you need to do in order to achieve all those awesome goals you’ve set for yourself. Once you have your schedule in place, make sure it works for you – and stick to the plan. Hold yourself accountable.

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#3. Make work/life/health balance a priority. There’s nothing more important than your health – we only have one life to live! And, finding that balance that keeps you working toward your goals and enjoying life means you’re making the most of everything out there. Sometimes finding a balance can be one of the most difficult challenges we face, especially as successful women. It’s so easy to get caught up in one thing – like going after that big promotion at work this year. Or, get so fixated on running a marathon that everything you do revolves around working out. When it comes down to it – finding a balance is the best way to go. You’ll feel good from the inside out – from your mind to your body – and the end result? A healthy, happy life.

So what about you? Are these three things – goals, a schedule and finding balance – achievable for you in 2017? Can you see how they all work together, making the odds of having a pretty amazing year really high? All it takes it a bit of effort from the start and the end result will be more than you can dream of.



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