5 Top Thrift Shopping Tips from ‘Fiercely Thriftin”

According to Veronica Canales of Fiercely Thriftin’ “you evolve as a person on a daily basis and so does your style, everything does. My style represents who I am that day and how I’m feeling,” which definitely explains the girl’s killer style! it’s almost no wonder her line of t-shirts have taken off since she started designing them. They all emulate her personality and edgy spirit. At the same time, she’s a master when it comes to thrifting, which is why I enlisted her to help us out when it comes to buying second-hand. Below are some of Veronica Canales’ top tips to thrift shopping. Read on to learn more!

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5 Top Thrift Shopping Tips from Fierecely Thriftin’

#1. Make sure you’re wearing fitted clothing. I usually go for leggings, shorts, or a stretchy dress. Some thrift stores don’t have fitting rooms and sometimes the fitting rooms get so packed that you rather just try everything on outside and over your clothes. I’ve done this so many times so don’t have shame!

#2. Have LOTS of patience. Patience is key. You will get anxious, you will be like “Screw this” too many racks—but trust me, there are so many hidden bomb ass gems.

#3. The best part is that usually thrift stores have everything half off on Wednesday’s or Saturdays. Sometimes they have a certain tag color that’s featured each day. So, you can have a whole new wardrobe including shoes for $50 bucks.

#4. Now this tip is crucial – ALWAYS CLEAN YOUR CLOTHES/SHOES/JEWELRY AFTER PURCHASING THEM. Always check the armpits, check the crotch area, check for stains. People donate or people just give away their clothes because it’s a done deal. So triple-check and clean it all. I use Clorox wipes and gold bond/baby powder for shoes, I’ll put my jewelry in hydrogen peroxide for a max of 20 minutes. For clothing, I use regular detergent and fabric softener (oxy clean helps!

#5. Don’t focus so much on achieving a certain style – just enjoy.

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