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How Big Data Can Improve Your Content Marketing Strategy

There are never enough improvements and upgrades when it comes to content marketing. Your competitors are working day and night to win over your shared target audience, and they’re using innovative content marketing strategies to reach their goals. This is why you should consider exploiting all the options that can help you improve and deliver better content marketing results. One of the best options is big data.

Applying big data in content marketing has been on the rise in the last couple of years. Big data is about analyzing complex and large sets of data to extract useful information you can apply later on. And, with such complex yet highly valuable data at the disposal of content marketers, things are changing in content creation.

Big data can improve your content marketing strategy if you use it wisely and apply it to your content creation and distribution strategy. Below, you’ll find a detailed explanation of how big data can boost your content marketing strategy.

1.     Target the Right Audience

Your content marketing strategy needs to be aimed at a specific target audience that you believe are potential customers and clients. Without a clear definition of your target audience, your content marketing strategy will be shooting in the dark.

You may feel that reaching out to a wider audience will get you improved results and higher ROI. However, targeting a more specific and carefully selected group of people will result in a much higher engagement, conversion, and ROI.

Big data can help you target a specific audience by analyzing their online behavior, likes, dislikes, needs, expectations, shares, and interests. That way, you can aim your specific campaign at those people who you know will be interested.

With carefully targeted content, you’ll have better results and will be investing your money into a content marketing strategy that works.

2.     Create More Valuable Content

According to Outgrow, 87% of people say that personalized content relevant to their needs is what makes them feel positive about a brand. Personalization matters and big data can help you do it right.

When you learn more about your target audience, you have the chance to create content that is more valuable to them. This is a significant improvement for your content marketing strategy since the audience will respond to personalized content far better.

Simply put, analyzing your audience by using big data will help you create content that addresses their needs, answers their questions, resolves their problems, and shares the information they care about learning.

With content that is valuable, informative, and designed to please the interests of your target audience, your overall results will skyrocket. Plus, Online Writers Rating can help you improve your writing and make sure you’re publishing nothing but high-quality, well-written, and edited content.

3.     Segment Your Audience

Another noteworthy way of using big data to improve your content marketing efforts is to segment your audience into separate groups. This is because not all of your target audience members have the same needs or are at the same stage in their customer cycle.

By analyzing metrics such as customer satisfaction, click-through rate, subscriptions, website visits, online purchases, and similar, you can divide people into different groups. For instance, you can differentiate between new clients, loyal ones, those you need to work on retaining, etc.

By segmenting your audience, you can segment the content you’re creating and decide which messages to send to which group. This way, you’ll be speaking to your customers the way that works best for their current position in your customer pool.

4.     Distribute Content Wisely

70% of consumers prefer to learn about brands’ products and services through content. Content distribution is immensely important for your overall content marketing strategy.

Big data analysis allows you to learn which content distribution platforms and tools are most liked by your target audience, and what’s the best way to use them. You’ll learn whether they prefer reading blog posts, watching YouTube videos, exploring social media posts, or receiving emails from you.

This will help you further polish and specify each of your content marketing steps, and make them more effective and successful.

5.     Minimize Content Abandonment

You want each piece of content that you create and publish as a brand to be successful in reaching its goal. Whether it’s raising brand awareness, increasing sales, improving customer engagement and communication- you need it to work.

But, content abandonment is a common case when marketers don’t use enough data to analyze and predict the behavior of their customers. Luckily, big data can help you minimize content abandonment.

You can use big data to learn which content works best for your target audience and which simply fails to deliver the expected results. If a large portion of your potential customers is not interested in a piece of content you’ve shared, and other content of similar character, you can simply remove it from your content offer.

Apart from that, you can compare different types of content and learn what needs improvement and in what sense. If you need help with writing or editing, best assignment service has professional writers ready to help out.

6.     Find CTA Patterns

Content marketers use the power of effective CTAs to boost their content message and get their target audience to perform the desired action. But, not all CTAs can perform on the same level and cause the same positive reactions.

However, by using big data and analyzing customer behavior in terms of CTAs, marketers can recognize patterns and see which types of CTAs work better than the others. This can be extremely useful and can help marketers create CTAs that deliver great results.

Through this analysis, you can see which CTA elements work best- whether it’s creating urgency, placing it somewhere specific on the website, or promising something to those who click.

Final Thoughts

Big data allows marketers to see the bigger picture and learn by analyzing their target audience more efficiently and productively. The results and insight gained through data analysis help them make better content creation and distribution choices, which boost their content marketing efforts.

Big data can be seen as a key element of your improved content marketing strategy, so start applying it ASAP.


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