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Nailing It: Tips To Keep Your Nails Pretty And Healthy

Dermatologists say that nails are perfectly healthy when they’re smooth and without any discoloration. If your nails rarely break, it’s also a good sign that they’re in good condition, so it helps to keep them strong and sturdy. But if your nails are soft, brittle, prone to peeling, and are looking yellowish with noticeable spots, then those are warning signs that your nails aren’t in tip-top condition. 

How your nails look is also pretty significant as most doctors agree that the state of your nails can reflect the state of your health. While the health issues aren’t too serious, your nails can indicate that your body has a nutritional deficiency, or problems with digestion. This is what makes nail care important as not only does the appearance of your nails matter for the aesthetic, but also for the benefit of your health. Here’s how you can keep your nails pretty and healthy. 

The right vitamins and nutrients

Dry or brittle nails are sometimes the result of lack of nutrients. Biotin is the most well-known supplement for promoting nail strength and growth, being a type of B vitamin that helps with cell regeneration. It can also be consumed through other kinds of healthy food, such as eggs or cheese. Consuming protein is also another known nutrient that helps tremendously with nail health, as it provides keratin, which is important for nail strengthening. It’s also possible weak nails are because of iron deficiency, so eating food that’s rich in iron can help. Having the right amount of vitamin C can also prove to be beneficial, as vitamin C produces collagen for nail growth. As some nutrients can be acquired through eating healthy types of food, you don’t have to be necessarily too reliant on supplements. However, when taking supplements, it’s best to discuss it first with a doctor so they can give the right type and dosage.

Pretty with polish

Don’t let the health concerns with nail polish discourage you too much from wanting to make your nails look pretty. Wearing nail polish isn’t harmful to your health, but it is advised to give your nails some time to breathe every once in a while so you won’t damage your nails. Generally, most nail polish and procedures don’t pose that much of a risk to nail health, as long as they are applied and removed properly. Gel polish is among the popular options for a nail makeover, for being able to last up to three or four weeks compared to acrylic polish. Nail smudges aren’t also too much of a concern, as gel nail polish dries quickly with the use of UV light. The shell from the curing also helps give your nails protection from any harsh chemicals and from any chips or dents, which is especially helpful for those with nails prone to breaking. For added convenience, gel polish is also easy to remove. 

Picking a polish

Some other polish and procedures available include basic polish, which is the simplest of all nail procedures. It’s just a simple process of applying the paint either by yourself or signing up for a simple manicure, and it doesn’t have any negative effect on your nail health at all. Shellac is a mixture of gel and nail polish, but is noted to be less harder than gel. Dip powder isn’t as complicated to put on compared to other polishes and is much quicker to apply. Meanwhile, a paraffin manicure uses paraffin wax as a natural ingredient, and has the benefit of opening up your pores and getting rid of dead skin cells. It’s great for those with dry hands, but if you have certain health problems like diabetes, or if you have sensitive skin, you might want to consider giving this procedure a pass. 

General nail care

Nail care also comes down to being mindful of how you clean and protect your nails. When doing activities that involve water, such as washing the dishes, it’s recommended to wear gloves as constantly soaking your hands in hot soapy water can weaken your nails. Whether you’re working on your nails by yourself or making a professional do it, it’s best if the procedure isn’t too harsh, as that can affect your nail health. When cleaning your nails, take care not to scrub them too aggressively. It’s safer to scrub them gently with an old-fashioned nail brush. The same applies to your cuticles– it’s recommended to moisturize them rather than cut or push them back too much as that can also be damaging. Most importantly, don’t hesitate to get your nails looked at by a medical professional if you notice any signs of infection.

Taking care of your nails is a big deal, as it’s also considered a part of your body that needs to be maintained for good health. Taking care of your nails doesn’t have to be all that expensive either; sometimes it just requires a healthy lifestyle and good hygiene. The condition of your hands or nails is also another thing people tend to make an impression out of, so having healthy nails (bonus if you have a really cute manicure to show off) can help make you look good and feel good.


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