Seriously Sexy Lingerie Brands to Shop

Buying lingerie is a lot like buying wine; some will gladly spend a little extra cash for the velvety pour of an aged Merlot, and others are perfectly content cracking open a twist-off bottle. Regardless of where you fall on the price spectrum in Lingerie Land, there are plenty of wonderful lingerie companies that deliver a wide-range of products to ladies in need of some luxurious undergarments. From chemises and bustiers to bralettes and charmeuse camisoles, these new brands will have you more than covered.



Price Point: $$$

After a quick browse through this brand’s latest collection, it’s obvious that For Love & Lemons is purely delightful.
The company’s style is both charming and ethereal, with delicate lace bandeaus and honeysuckle embroidered bras with delicate floral cutouts. Although most pieces come with a sizable price tag, each and every garter, bustier, bralette, or bodysuit is handcrafted with an exquisite amount of attention to detail. Simply put, For Love & Lemons is worth shelling out the extra cash.




Price Point: $

If you think Topshop is only good for cheap clothing and accessories, think again. In addition to great deals on trendy threads, this British retailer also offers an impressive roster of lingerie items, including ‘90s-inspired bralettes and high-waisted lace knickers. Typically the company’s products err on the cuter side, so if your taste is sweeter than it is sultry, Topshop might be the brand for you.




Price Point: $

Among lingerie lovers, Lucy B is considered the go-to brand for undergarments with a retro twist. Inspired in part by the pin-up styles of the 1940s and ’50s, this LA-based company is known for its bold use of patterned fabrics and flirty proportions — think frilly silk chemises and high-waisted lace panties. The brand has also landed features in magazines such as Lucky and InStyle, so clearly its retro aesthetic has produced a winning formula among customers and industry tastemakers alike.




Price Point: $$

Interested in channeling your inner Fifty Shades of Grey without being so contrived? Meet Bluebella, a lingerie company that vows to deliver the sexiest of styles from the best materials at the lowest possible price. Most of the brand’s pieces reflect an aesthetic that straddles the line between sultry and sophisticated — think bras with thick interwoven elastic strapping across the bodice and satin undies with playful bow ties in the back. On top of that, most pieces fall within $40-$60 price range, making Bluebella absolutely dreamy.




Price Point: $

Contrary to the belief that Bare Necessities is just a basic bra/panty store, this retailer also offers a sizable inventory of on-trend lingerie items. Among other important factors such as quality and affordability, Bare Necessities brings an incredibly diverse offering of lingerie to the table. Whether you’re in the market for a satin kimono or an all-lace camisole, Bare Necessities has something for you — and at an enviably low price.



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