BTS of MAWC 2019 Day 2

BTS of MAWC 2019 Day 2, mawc2019, bts, backstage

Day 2! We did it! The Market America family thanks you for coming to MAWC 2019! We're so ready to see you tomorrow. Are you? Have you been enjoying the booths and inspirational speeches? Marc and Steve went up on stage to discuss our newest technologies and innovations coming to the company. JR taught us how to build a business. I wanted to give you an inside look at my day. See what MAWC 2019 is like through my eyes. Read on for more.

BTS of MAWC 2019 Day 2

We arrived to the American Airlines Arena in style.

Laughter is the best medicine!

Driving the golf cart with my love! Did you see my speech?

Took a picture with one of JR's geese! Thanks for participating in JR's speech!

Marc and I had a great interview today! We discussed Market America, our history and our growth. We feel incredibly grateful.

Supporting my man!