JR's Building Business Speech Highlights

JR's Building Business Speech Highlights, building business, jr ridinger, loren ridinger, jr and loren ridinger

Founder, Chairman, and CEO JR Ridinger was incredible on stage today! We're so proud of him. You did great, JR! He always knows how to rile up the crowd. Did you watch JR's "Building Business" speech? Here's a recap in case you need a heads up! Read on for more!

JR's Building Business Speech Highlights

JR is obsessed with building the business. He's started with four different organizations before hitting gold with Market America. "If you put me anywhere in the world, I will find people to succeed in this business. The only way that I guarantee that this business will work is by following my way to do it."

JR went on to discuss the rules for sponsoring a new recruit. Here at Market America, we aren't into recruiting. We choose to teach people how to build a business. You need to teach your recruit like you would a You need to teach them how to crawl and walk before you teach them how to run. 

“Timing is everything," according to JR. For you, the prospect, and for everyone in your group, timing is everything. The right ones will rise to the top." JR says you should try to make two calls per week. Over time, the right people who are interested in the business will stick around.