Branding: How to Pick the Right Business Name

business name

Every so often, we come across a brand that emulates everything it stands for from their business name to their marketing materials. The brands that just get it even narrate a flawless brand story via all of their social media channels. However, the wrong business name can throw your entire brand off. Here's how to avoid common mistakes and choose the perfect name for your new company.

1. Don't play it safe.

Don't be afraid to think outside the box and get creative. Playing it safe for some industries can work, but a catchy, clever name is memorable and ensures you stand out from your competitors.

2. Make sure it resonates.

Using online brand name generators mix and match random words that can make your business sound dull. Sit down and list all of your brand values and what you offer customers. Once you have some keywords to play with, look up synonyms for them, or even find the words for them in other languages (if relevant).

3. Know your audience.

Who is your target audience? Once you know their age, education level, and interests, you can decide whether to go all-out innovative with your branding or keep it simple.

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