7 Activities That Help Beast Mode Productivity


The ability to summon your inner productivity beast mode can help turbo your business days to achieve everything you need to get done. Some days, we’re just not feeling on point, and that’s normal. Read on to discover seven activities that will help you connect with your higher productivity vibrations.

1. Take Time Out

Regular breaks help give our brain thinking space and time for rejuvenation.

2. Stretch it Out

A quick body stretch can help reset your mind and clear the brainwaves for focus time. Follow a productivity yoga or stretch session on YouTube, or stand up at your desk and stretch your arms, neck, back, and legs for an instant pick-me-up.

3. Eliminate Multitasking

Multitasking is a myth. We really cannot properly focus on more than one thing at a time. Force yourself to work through the items on your to-do list one by one in order of priority. You’ll be surprised how much more you get done by the end of the day.

4. Eat and Hydrate

Eat regularly throughout the day to keep your blood sugar balanced, and your brain fueled. Hydration is equally important to maintain focus on tasks.

5. Take a Walk

A quick walk around the block or to grab a coffee is sometimes all the break your mind needs to put things in perspective and make challenging business decisions. A change of scenery can work wonders, especially on difficult days where you’re struggling to buckle down and get to work.

6. Workout or Meditate

Overcome difficult days with a workout or meditation. A quick or full workout can cleanse the mind of mental and physical stress, leaving you with increased mental clarity.

7. Have a Plan

Every evening, set your to-do list for the following day in order of task priority so that you can jump right in and start slaying the day.

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