3 Ways to Promote Your Business for Less Than $100

promote your business

Starting a business is the ride of your life - but it can also be daunting when expenses start building up. Read on to discover how to effectively promote your business for less than $100 per month.

1. Know Your Market

It costs nothing to research your market and know it inside-out. Get to know your ideal customer and your competitors better than you know yourself. The better you know and understand your customer, the easier it is to target them with successful marketing campaigns.

2. Get Social

$100 a month can bring you some great leads via social media targeted ads. Try it for a month and analyze your results. Try another month, spending $50 and use the remaining $50 on email marketing. It’s all trial and error until you find what works best for you and your customers.

3. Email is Your BFF

One thing marketing experts agree on is that email marketing works, regardless of your industry sector or the size of your business. Sending a weekly or monthly email to as many as five thousand contacts will cost between $0-$50 per month. Check out MailChimp for their free accounts, but bare in mind that free accounts usually include MailChimp branding in your newsletter, which isn’t always a professional look. Track the success of your campaigns via analytics. Don’t be afraid to send surveys to your contact database from time to time to get to know them even better so that you can target your email content. Limited time offers significantly help improve the number of emails opened by your database.

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