How to Start a Small Online Business

start a small online business

To start a small online business, there are a few tried and tested steps you need to follow to make it a success. Whether you decide to set up an online shop via SHOP.COM or do it alone, following these steps can help you achieve a profitable online business.

How to Start a Small Online Business
1. Start with a market.

The majority of online entrepreneurs start with a product. Maximize your chances of success by doing things the other way around. Find a target market who need a solution to a shared problem. Check out how many companies are offering a viable solution, and create a plan to develop a better product or service.

2. Write web copy that sells without being too 'salesy.'

Pay an established person in the field with relevant experience to write an engaging headline before telling your site visitors what problem you solve for them, back up your claims with proof of credibility (award nominations and testimonials). Offer a short-term seasonal offer to trigger urgency, and consider offering a buyer guarantee to seal the deal.

3. Design a user-friendly website.

There is an art when it comes to effective website design. Thankfully, the rise in web platforms like Squarespace help you design a website relatively easily and quickly. Keep the background white with easily readable font and ensure it takes no more than two clicks for a potential customer to purchase from you. Offer a prize or discount for visitors that opt-in to receive newsletters from you to turbo your data capture of target customers.

4. Utilize search engines.

Test different keywords and launch some small Pay-per-click adverts. Monitor the results to highlight the keywords that drive the most organic traffic to your site.

5. Become an expert in your field.

Post in relevant chat forums and contribute as a guest blogger to relevant platforms giving your target market tips and advice tailored to your niche. The more you can back up your expertize, the more you will build trust in your consumer base.

6. Email marketing is your BFF.

Your database of site visitors may not buy from you straight away, but keeping them updated with offers gives you the opportunity to build trust in your product which could eventually lead to long-term customers.

7. Upselling can multiply sales.

Before customers checkout, offer similar products or services they may like and on the purchase confirmation page.

Monthly hot offers are a great way to entice customers to not only buy from you but stay subscribed to your emails. Are you planning to follow these steps in 2019? Tweet me @lorenridinger.