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About Loren Ridinger

Loren Ridinger is Senior Executive Vice President of Internet retailing giants  and SHOP.COM. She is creator of the award-winning cosmetics line, Motives, uber-luxurious skincare line, Cellular Laboratories and the solution-oriented product line Fixx Solutions. Loren is also founder of the exquisite jewelry collection Loren Jewels.

Loren is an Internet mogul who has changed the face of the beauty and Internet shopping industries over the last 20 years. Her impeccable style has established her as one of today’s leading trendsetters; she was included in Vogue’s Top 100 influential women and selected by Haute Living Magazine as one of New York and Miami’s most influential people. In 2009, Loren received the Women of Substance and Style award from Fashion Group International for her continued contributions to the fashion and beauty industries. Loren’s outstanding business accomplishments were also recognized when she was named Woman Extraordinaire in 2010 and Top 50 Entrepreneurs by Business Leader magazine in 2009 and 2010.

As an avid social media guru, Loren uses FacebookTwitter and Instagram daily to connect with her amazing fans. She has transcribed her style and inspiration to women everywhere through her personal blogs MyFashionCents and Loren’s World, which was named in Forbes’ Top 100 Websites for Women in both 2011 and 2012.

Loren’s passion to help others led to her involvement in many charitable causes such as Rally for Kids with Cancer, which she co-chairs with Eva Longoria. She also works with the American Heart Association, from whom she received the 2010 Big Heart Humanitarian Award, the Make-a-Wish Foundation, Jennifer Lopez Foundation, Cystic Fibrosis Foundation, the Rush Philanthropic Arts Foundation and many others.

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  1. Stephanie says:

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  2. pwnagetool says:

    great blog. your a inspiration for many of the up an coming entrepenuers today.

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  4. Kim Bayford says:

    My husband and I attended our first convention in Greensboro this weekend and we were extremely impressed. I was sorry to hear about your upcoming surgery, though, and wanted to wish you well. I will pray for you, your family and the surgeons. You will be in good hands.

  5. Nicole G says:

    I dont know you, this is my first time on your site. Dont know what Surgery you are having but that wont stop me from praying for you. God does not lead us, to leave us and he will be with you and your family through this. Doctors are the hands that help the ultimate healer who is God.

    May God Bless you and Keep you. You are an inspiration to everyone.

    Much Love and Respect. My sister went through open heart surgery at 15 years old and they told us it was a chance she wouldnt make it, and I see her everyday. There is nothing that God cant do.

    -Nicole From Chicago!

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  11. dome says:

    Hi loren, Words cant describe the amaziness i feel toward your success, you are my role model.
    I have 18 years old and im facing a bad and disgusting “i dont know what to do phase” im always doubting about my future, me fears are huge, but heres the worst part, my family is supporting me in every aspect, they are managing to get my studies, but im not sure, im a mess, im not in love with my career, but i have no choice,
    It will be a great guidance if you read my entry.
    god bless you and your amazing family.
    please one message will be a significant help for me!

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