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Transformation Tuesday: How to Reset Your Energy

reset your energy

People are attracted to personalities that radiate positive, approachable and confident energy. Uncertain, anxious, and negative vibes are unapproachable and a huge turn off in all social surroundings. A build-up of life stressors can trigger a glum mindset, which likely means you'll struggle to see through the mental fog and radiate negative vibes wherever you go. Here's how to reset your energy.

Transformation Tuesday: How to Reset Your Energy

reset your energy

#1. Change your environment.

Deep cleaning and organizing your living space removes feelings of chaos. Invest in some calming accessories including energy-cleansing plants and crystals. A few bespoke boho chic feature pieces can add a calming ambiance. If you live in a hot climate, try and still open the windows each week to let fresh air and new energy in, and old, stale energy out.

#2. Sage your space.

Burning sage has been used to banish negative energy for centuries. Even if you don't believe in such practices, the placebo effects can be genuine.

#3. Bathe away negative vibes.

Adding baking soda and salts to your bath can draw out toxins, neutralizing your body and mind.

#4. Pump out positive vibes.

It's a scientific fact that music affects our emotions. Play music that calms and soothes your soul. Extensive research suggests that music with a 417Hz helps transform negative energy into positive energy. Discover more about sound therapy here.

#5. Watch a funny movie.

Sometimes life really is that simple. Laughing helps trigger those feel-good emotions which can change your whole vibe.

#6. Make life changes.

Anxiety and stress are frequently triggered by feeling unprepared or knowing we're not living true to ourselves. A few life changes can help you reset your energy and feel in control of your destiny. Self-destructive behaviors and toxic relationships need to be the first items to go.

#7. Meditate.

If you've never tried meditation but aren't sure it's your thing, search for guided meditations on YouTube and give it a go. Many of the world's most successful people rave about the benefits of meditation; they can't all be wrong!

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