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Why Winter Is the Best Time for Skin Treatments

Cooler temperatures and less sun exposure make winter the ideal time of year to try skin treatments. Laser procedures and chemical peels can leave skin sensitive and in need of a little TLC for a few days post treatment for best results, which requires no sun or heat to give…
Killer Winter Date-Night Outfit Ideas, date-night, date night ideas, dates, winter, winter date-night

Killer Winter Date-Night Outfit Ideas

Winter is the perfect time to plan something special with a significant other. Get nice and cozy with that special someone who lights up your life. Plan a killer winter date-night outfit! Even though it's cold and you want to be comfortable, you also want to look your best. Read…
Winter 2019 Hottest Fashion, winter2019, loren, loren ridinger, winter, winter hottest fashion, winter's hottest fashion

Winter 2019's Hottest Fashion

Winter is in full swing right now. As we enjoy the cooler temperatures and relax this holiday season with family and friends, let's take a look at some of the trends that are major right now. I'm wearing lots of animal print this season along with a few other trends…
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