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The Artist Behind My New Designer Pieces

I have received so many messages about the gorgeous Louis Vuitton pieces I posted on my Instagram recently! Amber worked with an incredible artist to customize each piece and I’m so thrilled to add them to my collection. Logan Loiselle from Luxury Creative painted my favorite jewels on the bags and the end result was breathtaking. Truly a work of art! This was such a creative gift and a great idea for that person in your life that has everything! Learn more about Logan and his company Luxury Creative below.

What is Luxury Creative? Luxury Creative is a custom hand painting service that specializes in luxury designer items.

Tell us about yourself! I have been an artist since I could pick up a paint brush since the age of 3. I would draw dinosaurs and my day care printed them on the school’s merchandise. Custom art runs in my blood. Originally from Dallas but grew up back and forth in LA now have lived here for few years now.

What’s your favorite art piece you’ve worked on? Definitely would be an Art Deco Calle lilies I painted on an LV Malle casino trunk.

What items can be painted? Any limitations? Handbags, trunks, wallets/pouchettes, shoes and accessories. There aren’t any limitations on luxury items as long as there is a suitable surface to paint on.

How can a customer place an order? Customers can place order through the contact page or direct message me on the Instagram page or my personal account @theartmane.

What piece did you create for Loren Ridinger? I created her most prized jewelry pieces and painted them on an LV hatbox and jewelry trunk.


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