Tips on Wearing Cufflinks to the Right Occasion

Cufflinks are must-haves in any stylish man’s accessory drawer. More than merely fastening the ends of a shirt cuff together neatly, cuff links add sophistication and style to any outfit. From sterling silver and gold to novelty and custom cuff links, these versatile accessories can complete any look and turn heads at any event as long as the wearer knows how to rock a pair.

Perhaps you have worn cufflinks on a few formal events, and you are wondering if you can use them more often. If so, read on. This piece will offer some pointers on wearing cufflinks at different occasions. There is also a section on styling tips to further guide you on choosing and wearing the right pair.

How to Wear Cufflinks in Various Events

Wearing cufflinks can surely bring your style game to another level—provided you wear the right pair. Make sure to wear the appropriate cufflinks that suit the event you are going to by considering the following tips:

Opt for Elegant or Dressy Selections for White Tie Occasions

Cufflinks are a must-have accessory for white tie events or those ultra-formal gatherings where you have to dress to impress, such as balls, stately dinners, opera, and illustrious ceremonies. For such occasions, always go for an elegant or dressy pair that exudes a luxurious vibe. Consider a shiny pair made of sterling silver faced with a genuine mother of pearl or black onyx. It is worth noting that your safest bets are cufflinks made of metals like silver, platinum, or white gold, as they blend well with a formal white dress shirt.

Stick to Simple and Classy When Attending Black Tie Events

When going to a black-tie or formal occasion, like award ceremonies or grandiose weddings, you need to complete your ensemble with simple yet classy cufflinks. Although you may be tempted to express your personality and style by wearing a more decorative and slightly controversial pair, it is best not to experiment with something too fancy that can ruin your look. Reserve your fun and whimsical pieces to less formal gatherings. Aim for an elegant and sophisticated vibe with cufflinks that are more formal in style. Those made of gold, silver, and platinum are some of your best choices because they have high aesthetic value even in the absence of decorative elements.

Choose Tasteful and Luxurious Pairs When Wearing a Tuxedo

Although it may be rare, there will be some occasions when you have to don a tuxedo. During these events, wearing cufflinks is not optional—it is an integral part of the ensemble. As with white-tie and black-tie events, you will never go wrong when opting for silver or metallic pairs. Try investing in luxurious pieces with diamonds and black onyx details for a more sophisticated and elegant look. You may also consider the studs in your tuxedo when choosing cufflinks to ensure that they match and do not clash. The last thing you want to do is ruin the classy look of the tuxedo by wearing a tacky pair of cufflinks.

Consider the Working Vibe When Wearing Cufflinks to the Office

While most people do not wear cufflinks to work, it does not mean that you should not consider wearing a pair yourself. If you wear a dress shirt and tie to the office and you want to impress your colleagues and clients, opt for cufflinks instead of buttons to hold the cuffs of your shirt together. These accessories can elevate your style, boost your confidence, and create a more polished look, making you stand out from your peers.  

Perhaps you are not sure what types of cufflinks will suit your work environment. If so, you may want to consider the dress code and vibe in your office. For instance, you have more options if your workplace welcomes innovation, creativity, and self-expression. You can use pairs with playful or artistic designs that showcase your personality or interests. From superheroes and Star Wars to musical instruments and boat propeller cufflinks, there are tons of fun choices out there that represent what matters to you.

However, if your office is more conservative, it is best to keep things classy and professional. Choose pairs that complement your outfit. You may also go for more versatile and style-friendly pieces like those made of stainless steel, silver, and titanium.

Feel Free to Play with Colors, Patterns, and Shapes When Attending Less Formal Events

Wearing cufflinks is a sure way to add a bit of energy and personality to your outfit. That is why you may want to experiment with colors, patterns, and designs when choosing the right pair of cufflinks when attending less formal gatherings. Just make sure that whatever you select goes well with your overall look. Silk knot, fabric, and similar light cufflinks are perfect for casual occasions. Novelty pairs are also great options as long as their designs remain tasteful. Essentially, be sure that what you are wearing will help you stand out in the right way.

Cufflinks Styling Tips

As with other types of accessories, cufflinks can only boost your fashion game if you know how to style them properly. Apart from the pointers mentioned above, here are a few more tips you may want to consider when choosing or wearing cufflinks:

  • Invest in cufflinks that are neutral, simple, and elegant so you can wear them with different outfits and on various events.
  • Choose a pair of cufflinks that suit your personality and style preference so that you will be more confident wearing them. Otherwise, you might be too self-conscious, which could ruin your overall vibe.
  • If you are wearing a shirt stud, tie clip, or bracelet, be sure that the material or metal of your cufflinks matches these accessories.
  • When wearing cufflinks with jeans, opt for pairs in a dark wash and free of rips and holes. Also, your cufflinks should be on the casual and more playful side.

Cufflinks are functional accessories that can help elevate any look you want to pull off. Although they are mostly worn during formal events, you can also use them to express your mood and creativity at work or when attending less formal occasions. Choose the right pair by considering the tips above, and you will surely turn heads and create a positive impression wherever you go.



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