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Shop My Outfits From MAIC 2020

When you can’t leave your house for months and finally get an opportunity to dress up, you know you are going all out! Not going to lie, I was more excited than usual to plan the outfits I wore for Market America’s International Convention. If you’ve attended one of my events in the past you know I love wearing bold, edgy and sparkly outfits to standout on stage. This year was slightly different being our first virtual convention. Since there were so many screens and lights due to the Zoom interaction, I had to put my sequins pieces back in the closet! Shop my looks below.

Day One with Versace

Versace Blazer: SHOP HERE

Versace Leggings: SHOP HERE

Versace Heels: SHOP HERE

Versace Pin: SHOP HERE

Day Two with Versace

Versace Cardigan: SHOP HERE

Versace Leggings: SHOP HERE

Versace Shoes: SHOP HERE

Day Three with Michael Kors + Elvira

Outfit #1

Elvira Blazer: SHOP HERE

Queen Graphic Tee

Vintage Diamond + Emerald Necklace

Outfit #2

Michael Kors Blazer: SHOP HERE

Michael Kors Trousers: SHOP HERE


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