Coachella 2016: Top Looks to Inspire Your Outfit

Happy festival season, ladies! Are you going to any fun festivals this spring or summer? I know Coachella is coming up which means that Los Angeles will be brimming with parties and celebrities. My favorite part of festival season is that we get a chance to check out some fun celebrity looks to inspire our own outfits. Below, l’ve got some perfect celebrity outfits from past Coachella celebrations. Check them out below and be sure to let me know which look your favorite. Do any of the looks below inspire you for Coachella this year?

Long gone are the days of flower crowns and high waist shorts. These days, festivalgoers are aiming for chic looks that are all about style and comfort. Just check out Kate Bosworth’s simple Coachella number below.

I love this bohemian outfit on Alessandra Ambrosio. Going for a bohemian vibe this festival season is just the ticket for a comfortable, cool look. Consider a maxi dress like Alessandra’s below.

Rock a romper this festival season like Zoe Kravitz did last year. Give it a rock and roll vibe by pairing it with some creepers and a chocker.

Kylie and Kendall Jenner are known for their unique looks when it comes to festival season. Get inspired by the Jenner sisters and go all out this season. Festivals are the perfect opportunity to wear what you wouldn’t wear anywhere else.

If you’ve got a classier style, take a note from Rosie Huntington Whitely. Her Coachella look from last year is full of style and grace. Loving that mini skirt paired with some classy pearls.

A fun pair of matching separates would be perfect for a music festival. Just check out Katy Perry in her own colorful ensemble below. She looks so put together yet her outfit is so easy to recreate.



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