Amber Ridinger-McLaughlin Featured in Elle Taiwan

So proud of my beautiful daughter, Amber for being the COVER GIRL for Elle Taiwan featuring my granddaughter Ayva. If you’re in Taiwan be sure to buy a copy and read more about our family business which continues to positively impact future generations. I’m so proud of Amber and the path she’s creating for herself and her family. ⁠⁠

“I grew up watching my family build their startup from the ground up. It has been incredibly inspiring seeing the lives they have changed and how they have grown and overcome so many challenges.” – Amber Ridinger-McLaughlin

“I am a creative and I love to think outside the box and entrepreneurship gives me the space to do so.” – Amber Ridinger-McLaughlin

During our recent feature with ELLE Taiwan, we offered an interesting glimpse into our lives, business, and brands which was very well received among our UnFranchise Owners in Taiwan. This special edition offered an interesting glimpse into who we are, but it also discussed the UnFranchise Business and its remarkable capacity to change lives across generations. Not only is our business designed to be passed down from generation to generation, but it also helps bridge the generational gaps in our lives and strengthens our connections with one another. The way our business works and the means by which different people work together for mutual success has always been a driving force behind our grassroots popularity – and this ELLE Taiwan feature takes a deeper look at the relationships and people who drive our multigenerational success & make our business so special. 

Special thanks to the Elle Taiwan team and the crew who made this all come together. We couldn’t have done it without you. Shop magazine here for your copy!


Photographer: Liz Von Hoene

Art Director: Rebecca Weinberg

Photo Assistant: Bernado Gasparini 

Photo Assistant: Shane Bailie 

Digital Tech: Andrew Claridge  

Producer: Jeff Broder 

Production Assistant: Lauren Constantine 

Amber’s Personal Stylist: Mariela Ortega  

Amber’s Makeup Artist: Claudia Betancur  

Amber’s Hair Stylist: Gianluca Mandelli 

Videographer: Dave Liberstein  

Videographer: Jesse Ashe 

Creative Director: Geo Burke

Chief Digital Marketing Officer: Peter Gold

Global Travel Manager: Genny Bulseco

Elle Taiwan Representative: Jerry Hsieh



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