How to Attract Your Person (Instead of the Ones You Don’t Like)

Sometimes our heart just chooses someone, and we don’t even know it’s happening until we’re hooked. It usually all starts from the first time you ever lay eyes on your crush; triggering stomach butterflies in addition to the inability to use our words and act cool. Have you ever wondered how to attract your person, instead of the people you’re not interested in? Read on…

How to Attract Your Person (Instead of the Ones You Don’t Like)

There’s a scientific why we consistently attract the people we don’t like. When we are not interested in someone, we are our complete authentic selves around them because we don’t feel nervous. When we’re around our crush, however, we may be shy, quiet, and exude nervous energy in those early days. The right person, however, will always see past the nerves, see your soul and like you for who you are; but it helps to start on the right track Read on to discover these 4 proven-to-help tips on how to attract the person you like.

1. Be Authentic

Authenticity isn’t just a 2018 trend for brands and celebrities. Being authentic has become a must in all areas of life. If you’re not true to yourself, you end up living your worst life. If you feign interest in things to try and connect with the object of your affection, any connections formed will fade away.

2. Be Confident

It’s a scientifically proven fact that confidence makes people more sexually attractive. When a person is confident, they’re noticeable; they stand out, they are, and we love being around them because we’re drawn by a natural urge to want to get to know him or her. Confident people radiate easy-going energy that often makes us feel instantly comfortable.

3. Go with the Flow

The majority of men and women out there love people who are strong enough to be themselves and comfortable in their own skin, but also happy to go with the flow. Character traits perceived as overly tricky can be a huge turn off before someone has had the chance to take the time to get to know you.

4. Seek Real Connections

Shared interests, passions or hobbies eases awkward tension, and helps develop connections on a deeper level.

5. Flirt

Send subtle hints that you like them with your best smiley, flirty self. Eye contact is a great way to build deeper connections.

6. Do You!

In addition to being your true self, don’t be too available. As much as the majority of adults in the dating game say they don’t like games, we’re also predators by nature. If you’re too available all the time, your crush can become bored. Let them miss you a little bit. Remain independent and continue your usual weekly squad habits, have your own life. We are typically drawn to independent and confident beings. If you make yourself available all the time, they don’t need to work for your attention.

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