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3 Ways to Slay as a Solopreneur

More and more people are joining the solopreneur workforce every day as freelance professionals or consultants. It can be a scary prospect leaving behind a guaranteed paycheck each month, to go it alone in the big bad business world. But it’s guaranteed to be one of the biggest adventures of your life.

As an established solopreneur in your preferred niche, you have the power to pick and choose which projects you take on. The best part? You can opt to focus on working with brands and campaigns you’re passionate about collaborating on.

1. Design your space.

Creating a work setting which helps you focus and stay on task is essential. If you’re working from home, consider investing in a summer house that acts as your office. Or create your work environment in a spare room away from distractions to help you stay on task on the days where you’re feeling less motivated.

2. Create a network.

Solopreneurship can be isolating if you work from home. There are lots of fantastic options now to share workspaces like WeWork which allow you to rent a desk and mingle with other solopreneurs. MeetUp has a vast selection of groups for almost every industry imaginable.

3. Create a routine.

To improve productivity, set a routine to help keep you on track.

How do you keep yourself in check as a solopreneur? Tweet me @lorenridinger.


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