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These SHOP.COM Travel Goodies Are Changing the Game

Traveling soon? We’re always on the go so I pack all my essentials with me when I make my travel plans. SHOP.COM always have everything I need when I’m missing something. If you’re heading somewhere awesome this fall then read on for some of the best travel goodies from SHOP now! Earn that cashback, baby!

Conair Portable Fabric Steamer, SHOP.COM, $25.00– Keep your clothes looking fresh from the closet rather than your carry on.

Fila Women’s Disruptor Ii Premium Lace Up Leather Dad Sneakers, SHOP.COM, $65.00– Travel sneakers are a necessity no matter where you are going!

blowpro Titanium Flat Iron & Travel Hair Products Smoothing Kit Set, SHOP.COM, $63.99– A must-need if you like your hair a certain way like I do!

Travelon Travelon Pocket Packs Shoe Bag, SHOP.COM, $14.18- Packing shoes is always such a pain! Use a shoe bag to help you out!

Alo Yoga Sunny Strappy Sports Bra, SHOP.COM, $43.20- A comfortable bra is so important when traveling.

Stackers^ Makeup Bag, SHOP.COM, $29.99- An easy-to-open makeup bag that’s easy to pack is a double win. Check it out!

What are your must-have travel essentials? Tweet me @lorenridinger!



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