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Stay Healthy While You Travel Without Packing Your Sneakers

Stay Healthy While You Travel Without Packing Your Sneakers, sneakers, healthy eating, health, travel, traveling

If you’re coming to Miami for MAWC2019, then you’re going to want to check out this post. I want you to stay healthy while you’re on the road and traveling. As you make your way down to Miami, consider your lifestyle. You don’t want all your healthy habits to go out the window, do you? Read on for ways to stay healthy while you travel!

Stay Healthy While You Travel Without Packing Your Sneakers

Pack your walking shoes- Leave your bulky sneakers at home, ladies! Instead, rock some comfortable walking shoes. Wear them onto your flight so you won’t have to keep them in your carry-on.

Track your steps- Instead of working out while your traveling, track your steps on your phone or smartwatch. This is a great way to keep up on your health when you’re busy.

Drink plenty of water- Stay hydrated while you’re on holiday. Keep a water bottle handy or just drink water when you get a chance. Drinking lots of water while you’re on the go is a great health tactic.

Eat a healthy breakfast– Start your day off with a healthy breakfast. A veggie omelet or yogurt with fruits is a great source of vitamins to keep your body going all day. Kick off your day right. Plus you get a little leeway to indulge the rest of the day.

Pack Snacks- Don’t over-do it at meals! To help you with portion control, pack healthy snacks so you can eat along the way instead of binging at meals.


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