3 Untraditional Gifts from Professional Organizer Justin Klosky

With Valentine’s Day fast approaching, love-struck shoppers are bombarded with splashes of pink and red at every corner. This year, those looking to avoid the cliché can skip the heart shaped box of chocolate and call Justin Klosky; the LA based professional organizer and CEO of the O.C.D Experience has dreamt up some low-cost organizational solutions sure to spoil your sweetie.

Below, Klosky listed a few non-traditional Valentine’s Day ideas.  There’s no better way to show your special someone you love them than the taking a load off their to-do list by giving the gift of organization.

Closet: Does your significant other spend hours looking for something to wear? Organize his or her closet by color and genre and problem solved! Klosky suggests filing clothing by color and separating into sub categories like pants, skirts and tops. Throw some scented satchels of potpourri in and the closet will be a more inviting space for both of you. For an extra special touch, leave love notes in the pockets of various tops and pants, making not one, but many days special for the special person in your

Dinner: Skip the expensive prix fixe dinner menu, go through the pantry and refrigerator and purge old and unwanted items. Then take a trip to the grocery store and pick up some ingredients for a romantic candlelit dinner at home. Get some ingredients for a special dessert you can make together for a romantic end to your evening.

Automobile: Clean up and organize his/her messy car. Rid of any papers and trash that might be left lying around, and organize any necessary documents. Put a pen and paper in the glove compartment along with a special love note. Take the car for a wash and fill the tank with gas.




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