5 Reasons to Start Eating Clean

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For some of us eating clean comes naturally. It’s a way of life and a natural inclination toward holistic living. But for others, eating clean requires a full lifestyle change – and even though it’s a challenge – it’s one worth taking on. From merely reducing the number of processed and packaged foods you eat in a day, to taking a look at your fruits and veggies – and doing your best to go organic, eating clean comes in a variety of forms. At the end of the day, you can keep it simple. Eat wholesome foods that aren’t processed. Make meals at home, from scratch and skip all the bottled, packaged and frozen items that typically seem so easy and accessible. Try things like making your own salad dressing or choosing zucchini noodles over a big plate of white pasta. Trust me when I tell you – nothing will feel as good as clearing the clutter of your pantry by going clean. Not sure why you should take the challenge? Here’s a look at five reasons to eat clean.


5 Reasons to Start Eating Clean

#1. You’ll probably lose a few pesky pounds. Even though you may not cut back on calories, when you eliminate processed foods from your diet, you’ll get rid of all those excess additives that just pack on the pounds. You’ll shake that extra salt and sodium from your daily nutritional regiment and you’ll fill your body with good, clean nutrients. There’s a pretty good chance that that alone will help you shed a few pounds without even trying too hard.

#2. You’ll save money. Even though you might be stepping up your game when it comes to investing in wholesome organic fruits and veggies, you’ll save money by making meals from scratch. Skipping out on the processed stuff and getting back to cooking with natural ingredients is often easier on the wallet. You’ll order less takeout, delivery and be committed to staying in because you’ll feel so good eating clean.

#3. You’ll feel great and will be loaded with energy. Eating clean isn’t just good for the body, it’s also good for the soul. You’ll roll out of bed feeling full of life and ready to tackle the day rather than being dragged down by low levels of energy. Loading up on fruits and veggies and even lean meats will get your whole body and mind back to a place of clarity and strength.

#4. Your mood will be incredible. It’s funny how much food can drag you down and affect your mood – it’s so easy to turn that around by filling up on good-for-you clean items. Just like your body will feel energized, your mood will be kickstarted each day by how good you feel. From your head to your toes….body and mind will all be on the same page.

#5. You’ll learn some great recipes. Why not up your game when it comes to the kitchen? Eating clean is so inspiring, you’ll start looking for great new recipes to surprise your family with. The thing is – you’ll find some great ones and be inspired to keep it up. Not to mention, the whole family will be asking you to cook because they’ll feel great too.

What do you think? Could you change your cooking and eating habits to try and eat clean?



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