What Does Your Favorite Color Say About You?

We’re surrounded by color in everything from our company branding to our home interiors and our wardrobes. The same way our home decor colors can shed light on the vibes we want to create to feel at home, your favorite color can speak volumes about your personality.

Have you ever noticed that hospitals usually opt for unnoticeable, calming colors while children’s hospitals are bright and colorful? Color psychology is a thing and can help create the right energy in a given space.


Red signifies desire, passion, and aggression, meaning if red is your favorite color, you’re likely ambitious, adventurous, and active.


Orange lovers are usually highly sociable characters who radiate warmth and positivity.


You’re mostly happy, optimistic, and make a great friend. You’re sociable but enjoy your independence too.


Famously linked to jealousy and greed, people who prefer green, are committed to their friendships but can also be vain and obsessed with their looks and reputation.


One of the most popular colors, blue symbolizes peace and chill vibes. If you favor blue, you’re likely to be calm, trustworthy, and loyal.


Purple advocates usually need great emotional security but love helping others.


If you opt for pink, you want the world to believe in you, to be loved unconditionally, and be accepted.


White is often favored by those who are organized, logical, and independent.


Black doesn’t have to symbolize darkness or grief; it also expresses power, creativity, and sophistication.

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