Lorenza Izzo Takes on Hollywood

Lorenza Izzo Eli Roth Eugenio Derbez Nicolas Lopez

Lorenza Izzo is at the top of her Hollywood game with a major motion picture in theaters (“The Green Inferno”), another co-starring Keanu Reeves heading to the big screen this fall (“Knock Knock”), and the love and support of her actor/director husband Eli Roth. Lorenza may be new to American audiences, but she’s been making movies since being discovered by famed Chilean director Nicolas Lopez at the age of 19.

Lorenza Izzo Eli Roth Eugenio Derbez Nicolas Lopez
Above: Lorenza Izzo with Eli Roth (left), Eugenio Derbez and Nicolas Lopez. Photo credit: Open Road Films

Being married to Eli, the Chilean actress must be used to horror and gore. She felt right at home shooting “The Green Inferno,” a film that follows a group of college students who visit the Amazon to protest the destruction of the rainforest but end up prisoners of a cannibalistic tribe. The conditions in Peru could have been viewed as less than ideal with the lack of televisions, Wi-Fi, and most technology in general, but Lorenza— who plays the role of freshman Justine— took it all in stride.

“Shooting in Tarapoto was intense,” she explained. “I had been to Peru before but only to Lima. The locations were really tough to get to because we had to cross the rivers in small boats. The Amazon is a very beautiful place but also very dangerous. There are venomous frogs, snakes, serpents, and really large insects— which was a totally new experience to me. In Chile, the climate is very different to Peru’s— especially in the Amazon.”

Even though there are no real cannibal tribes in the Amazon, the natives were glad to play them on the big screen. Before production began in Tarapoto, the locals were shown a movie, because they had never seen one. This led to many of them willingly starring in the movie and taking jobs working in the production itself.

“The connection we established with the locals was very beautiful,” Lorenza said. “The truth is, at first I was a little afraid. They told me I was going somewhere where they don’t even have televisions. You have to keep that in mind when you’re trying to relate to them. We had a Peruvian production crew that was on the island a month previous to help prepare the local people for all they were going to see during production. By the time we got there, they were really excited to work on the film and some took jobs work behind-the-scenes.”

During her time in the Amazon, Lorenza learned a lot about herself and she keeps many lessons with her today. “This was the first time I was able to sit down and talk to people who live from the earth and who walk 5 kilometers a day to fetch water. They had all these challenges yet they are calm and happy. I learned a lot of lessons from being around them. I’m 25 years old, and I’m constantly on my cellphone, checking my social media—ego constantly being nourished. It was beautiful for me to be able to strip myself of all that during this experience. The world really is such a fascinating place.”

She added, “When we wrapped shooting, we had a kitchen built so that the local women had somewhere to cook. We were able to provide roofs for them because when it rained, water would get in. It was a very beautiful experience and we’re glad we were able to give back.”

Lorenza, who started modeling at 16 years of age, loves following the latest fashion and beauty trends. Although, she admits, that she prefers a look that will stand the test of time. “I’m always playing around with my look and seeing what works best on me,” she said. “ Women, as they get older and more experienced, they know what works best on them and are more confident. Even though I enjoy looking at the latest trends, I like to kind of do my own thing. I much prefer a look that is classic and timeless.”

And when it comes to beauty products, she definitely has her favorites. “I have many products I can’t live without,” she said. “I love the skincare products from Osmosis. I get my shampoo and conditioner from Davines. And I learned from my mother and grandmother the important of rose water. I use it twice a day, in the morning and after taking off my makeup at night.”

She also counts on L.A. based, aesthetician-to-the-stars Marianne Kehoe as a secret weapon. “Marianne is my life! My face is flawless thanks to Marianne 100%.”

“The Green Inferno” is in theaters now. Watch a trailer below (perfect film to watch in October for Halloween!).



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