Jennifer Lopez’s Secret to Doing it All? Meditation

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There’s a reason Jennifer Lopez has achieved the success she has today: she’s an incredibly hard worker. As a friend, I know Jennifer is relentless when it comes to her responsibilities and passions. With her kids Max and Emme, she’s an exceptional mother. And with her friends, I’m blessed to personally vouch for her loyalty and dedication. But the world is no stranger to J Lo’s work ethic. And it’s been evident more than ever over the past several months where we’ve been witness to her many roles: as a judge on American Idol, in a starring role on Shades of Blue, and as the star of her Vegas show All I Have. So how does the mother of two keep it all together? The answer may seem deceptively simple: meditation.

Jennifer Lopez
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In a recent interview with PeopleJennifer shared that she needed to find balance during this time while juggling her various projects and responsibilities. So she turned to daily meditation. Jennifer dedicated 20 minutes per day to meditation to find her balance amid the (admittedly wonderful) chaos of her work load. This is a tip we can all benefit from. There’s nothing wrong with working hard and dedicating time to your goals. But there’s a necessity in finding balance and maintaining a level head through it all. To hear more on Jen’s interview, watch the video below. And to brush up on some basics of meditation (it’s easy, promise!), read this post.

Watch an excerpt from the interview below:

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