Compliment Day: 5 Ways to Spread the Love

Have you noticed a recent movement yesterday where everyone seems to be making an effort to be kinder on social media recently? I love it. I think it’s long overdue and helps spread love and happiness, which is something we haven’t seen enough of in recent years. Here are a few ways to celebrate National Compliment Day today and spread a little positivity.

1. Compliment a stranger on their outfit and why it looks fantastic on them. A small act like this can bring so much happiness and make someone feel good about themselves.

2. Post your BFF’s on your Instagram or Facebook and tell them why you love them.

3. Like and comment on the photo of a few strangers on Instagram. You’ll help them increase their Instagram engagement and make them feel good about themselves.

4. If you’re a manager or own your own business, compliment your employees on their hard work, what makes them excel in their role, and show a little appreciation. Yes, you pay your team to work for you, but recognition plays a crucial role in workplace morale.

5. Text a friend and compliment them on their success, growth, or a personality trait that makes them an incredibly supportive friend.

How are you celebrating National Compliment Day today? Tweet me @lorenridinger.



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