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Motivational Mantras

Motivational Mantras | Loren's World

Doubt and fear tend to creep up when we need them the least. When you're ready to take that next step in your life, ready to take that leap to move on to the next phase, a little voice inside your head may begin to nag and try to convince you of potential failure. When that happens, you must remind yourself that success and growth come from a place of inner strength and confidence. We all posses exactly the skills and gifts we need to accomplish the purpose that is intended for us in our lives. But we must keep taking action and fighting that fear if that dream, goal, or outcome is going to come to fruition.

I handpicked these mantras to pull out as a weapon against fear and doubt when they rear their ugly heads. Repeat them to yourself. Pin these so you'll remember them. Print them out if you must. But keep them in a place where you can see them often so that the next time you are feeling full of fear and doubt, you can remind yourself to look within and know that you already have the answers.

Motivational Mantras | Loren's World

Motivational Mantras

"I am ready to release what no longer serves me." - Shannon Kaiser,

I am ready to release what no longer serves me by Shannon Kaiser

"Insight is worthless without action." - Unknown

insight is worthless without action


"I can and I will." - Unknown

i can and i will

"Today, I choose to be great." - Gabrielle Bernstein

Today I choose to be great - Gabrielle Bernstein

"I have a million excuses but I won't use one." - This last one is from me, hoping that you'll choose to ignore the doubt and perceived obstacles in your mind and instead trust yourself enough to keep working towards your goals.