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3 Ways to Figure Out Your Purpose

I can completely relate to anyone who talks about being challenged when it comes to figuring out what they’re meant to do in this life. Understanding your life’s purpose isn’t an easy one – you’re met with lots of challenges, self-doubt, successes, failures – you name it – along the way. But, once you get there, the ride is smooth.

Whether you’re meant to be a mom or a dad, you’re slated for a successful corporate career, you’re a world traveler and adventure is why you’re here – finding that path is tough. No matter what you’re meant to do in this life, not many of us choose that path from day one. It’s about exploring the world, getting a feel for what your talents are, testing and trying things and finally figuring out what you’re actually meant to do.

For me, that moment was a bit of an a-ha. It started when I became an entrepreneur and everything clicked when I became a mom. The combination of the two roles is exactly where I need to be and I know that whole heartedly. If you’re in that spot in life where you’re trying things on for size and you really just aren’t sure what the path should be, here are a few ways to figure it all out.

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3 Ways to Figure Out Your Life’s Purpose

#1. Try different roles on for size. That may sound crazy – careers aren’t clothing items – however, how would you ever know without giving things a try? It’s so much like being in the dressing room. You often think something is going to fit just right, and when you get it on – it looks terrible or it’s horribly uncomfortable. Careers are like that too. We often have an idea of what something will be like and then once we give it a try, it’s easy to realize it’s not what we expected at all. So – the takeaway? It’s OK to try things. Get an internship or an apprenticeship, take a class or even get a part time job trying something you’re interested in.

#2. Don’t give up just because things are challenging. Sometimes the best things come out of situations that are more challenging than you’d expect. And, getting through that challenge can lead you to a place of contentment you didn’t even know was possible. Let’s say you’re thinking of starting your own business. You feel ready to be entrepreneur, go out on your own and put your passions into action, but that first year is so difficult. You have trouble nailing down your marketing plan. Getting clients is more difficult than you expected. Business is slow. That doesn’t mean you should give up. Stick it out for a year – get through those initial challenges and revaluate one you start finding your stride.

#3. Listen to your inner voice. You know when something is right. But, you also know when something is not right. And, knowing when it’s time to move on or try something new is half the battle. If you’re life’s purpose includes having children and raising a family, but you’re spending all your time behind a desk or in the boardroom, it’s probably time to make a change. When your inner voice tells you, “now is the time,” listen. Follow your gut and your passion – and the rest will fall into place.

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Finding your sweet spot in this world isn’t always the easiest practice. For some people it happens faster than for others – and that’s OK because we’re all different. But, reminding yourself that you only have one life to live is an important step in making sure you’re fulfilling your dreams and that your work actually brings you a sense of accomplishment. Have you been trying to figure out exactly what you’re supposed to be doing? What steps have you taken so far?